Football Dreamz

Football Dreamz



We have created the unique talent format FOOTBALL DREAMZ. Visit FOOTBALL DREAMZ here


FOOTBALL DREAMZ is a modern Tv reality show in which young selected football talents will be given the opportunity to win a professional contract.


The world´s first global talent hunt for tomorrow´s football stars


A unique concept, showcasing the football stars of the future


28 players with one goal


Selected players from over 13 african nations in 13 episodes compete for the ultimate prize –


  • A professional contract


  • Experienced coaches


  • Well known hosts


  • Well known agents


  • Superstar footballers


  • Mentors and former stars


  • A well respected jury



The Game


Challanges, measurements


The players live, train and work together


Coaching using the latest training techniques


Focus on performance, social behavior, ambitions and dreams


Coaches ...


The Players


Different backgrounds, different languages, different religions: But, one dream… A Contract


Scouted players from over 13 key african nations


Next generation of national team players U15 - U17 – U20,


Many of the players are ready to become professionals



The Jury


A highly qualified Jury from high profile clubs.



Football Dreamz Final 2021


Text and Video promotion material from recording in Cotonou and Port Novo, Benin.


Scouting network/programs


We have an international club network of more than 30 clubs and collaborations with scouts, agents, sport directors and players. In our club network we give the opportunity to young talented players to be invited for trials/try outs and evaluations where the players and clubs have the possibility to get to know each other.


We have a scouting network which today are active in +13 countries where we cooperate with global collaborators in national football federations, clubs, academies, scouts, sport directors and agents. We organize scouting programs were we evaluate thousands of players with the aim to find excellent players to participate in Football Dreamz and then place the players for trials in professional clubs. We are fully aware of of that the market for players are extremely tough and competitive.