Nexar’s own developed concept Aim2Fame is an online event where contestants audition is online and where the best talents are chosen from those who get most votes from the audience. This means that each contestant also needs to promote their audition video on Social Media to get votes. This way, there are tens of thousands promoting the Aim2Fame program at no cost.

Two months in the Academy will begin to convert them into real artists and the best talent of the show gets a long term artist contract with Nexar.

When the best talent(s) is crowned, we put them to work with some of the most successful songwriters and producers in the music industry.

Our coaches for the new season 2017

Jason Woods Vocal Coach who was a backing singer for Michael Jackson and singer and vocal coach for Beyoncé.

Chris Grant Choreographer, who was Michael Jackson´s first dancer and is now Beyoncé’s choreographer.

Jono Hart Creative Director, who has been or are working with Jason Derulo, Ceelo Green, Kanye West and many more.

Lolah Brown Vocal Coach who is working with Rihanna.


Aim2Fame is mainly tailored for the multi-cultural Millennials and the teenagers The target group called “the Millennial's” and the teenagers are the main demographics for Aim2Fame. Teens and young adults who are more likely to watch TV-shows online. They are also the most difficult demographics to reach through traditional advertising channels such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines as they are mainly consuming all information online.