Sara Serena – from unknown to #1 in Spain in 3 months

Sara Serena, has been recognized as an exceptional talent, a true budding star.

Nexar launched Sara’s first single ”Asylum” on April 22 and on July 12 it went to #1 on several major Radio stations. Some- thing that normally takes at least 3 years for an unknown artist, according to Sony Music Spain, who contracted Sara.

Some of her achievements so far:
A music production “sub label” one-year worldwide contract was signed in April with Sony Music, and Sara’s first single ‘Asylum’ launched on all digital platforms, Spotify, Itunes, Deezer etc. On June 9, Tony Aguilar, the no. 1 TV/Music profile in Spain, introduced Sara Serena at an event held in Madrid with more than 400 guests from all major TV and radio networks, journalists from all major press and influencers like bloggers, “You Tubers” and brands like Coca Cola. The event was a huge success.

In July a promotion tour with Sara was initiated, inclu- ding interviews and live performances in 5 to -10 radio and TV shows every day, across Spain, resulting in even more media coverage and a growing fan base.

On July 30, Sara performed in Alicante at the Coca Cola Music Experience on the Beach, a concert with an audience of more than 50,000. Sara performed a full concert with her band and dancers. Coca Cola has indicated interest in cooperating with Sara and Nexar. As a first step, they decided to sponsor her coming music videos where their product will be exposed.

Main ongoing activities
FALL 2016

- ”DUELE DECIR ADIÓS” the second single and video launched in September
- Sara Serena full album/CD will be released in Spain and globally on digital platforms
- Video recording in Los Angeles

- Live performances in Spain, Murcia, Glagapagar-Sierra and Zaragoza
- Live performance in Las Vegas

The success story of Sara Serena is the first confirmation of the Aim2Fame concept.

The album of the first year best talent of Aim2Fame, Sara Serena, was recorded in world class studios in Los Angels, London and Stockholm. Some of the record producers and song-writers are:

Rafa Sardina based in Los Angeles, and one of the best music producers and engineers. He has 12 Grammy’s for his work with superstars like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Shakira and many others.

Cheche Alara is a music director, songwriter and pro- ducer who works with the biggest names in the indu- stry. Cheche is also a member and the president of the Grammy Committee.

Aleena Gibson, (Red One) Swedish Singer/song writer who has written numerous hits for other artists such as Nick Carter, S-Club 7, and Chenoa.

Emile Ghantous, is a Los Angeles-based Grammy nomi- nated songwriter and record producer.

Wil Simms, most recently co-wrote and produced hit singles for EXO ’Wolf’ and ’I Got A Boy, the #1 smash 70 million YouTube plays for Girls Generation.

Sara Serena on Spotify
Sara Serena – Asylum
Sara Serena – Lyric video Duele decir Adiós
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