Nexar has developed the concept Aim2Fame. It’s a unique concept, the first of its kind,
combining a global talent contest with artist development.

Our key success factors are to create high audience volumes and strategic partnerships.

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Production of high quality programs is a prerequisite to be able to make Aim2Fame scalable and profitable. The key to this is strategic partnership with major companies who have both knowledge and capacity. In the last season of Aim2Fame, where we produced twelve episodes, we have ensured this through a partnership with Secuoya, one of Spain’s largest production companies.



A key part of Aim2Fame’s success lies in creating audience volumes and revenue streams. The way to higher audience volumes is through strategic partnerships with distribution and media partners. Recently, Aim2Fame has been broadcasted via MTG / ViaFree and Channel 14 in Sweden as well as Viewin and Hitsbook in mainly Spain and Latin America, as well as via YouTube and our own web,



Strategic partnerships with record companies and well known artist managers create cost effective processes and good prerequisites for launching artists. The record companies have both the knowledge and resources for the development and promotion of the artists coming through Aim2Fame. Negotiations concerning artist agreements are currently underway for some of the talents who participated in the final round of Aim2Fame 2017.


  1. SALES

In order to have better opportunities to reach strategic partnerships with global brands regarding sponsorship of Aim2Fame and / or product placement, there are ongoing and planned discussions with various global media companies. Also independent consultants will be engaged by Nexar, to strengthen the sales organization both locally and globally. A prerequisite for successfully generating revenue streams is that we have a qualitative production and sufficiently large distribution.